How do I apply for a job or submit my resume?

To be considered for any position, you must create a profile through the NS Careers page. The profile serves as your resume and includes contact information and work experience. Mailed and emailed resumes will not be considered.

To create a profile, register as a first-time applicant here. The system will prompt you to create a new profile by entering your desired user name, password, and email address. The email address will be used as the main method of contact. As a returning applicant, you will be prompted to sign in with your user name and password.

Once your profile is complete, you can submit an online application through the website. The Human Resources department reviews applications and contacts selected applicants for the next steps. You will receive a confirmation email after you apply. All correspondence regarding application status is sent via email.

Based upon the position the total application process might take several weeks to months to complete. Applicants can log in to their jobs.nscorp.com profile to monitor application status and update profiles.

How do I check the status of my application?

Please keep in mind that the length of the recruitment process can vary based upon the needs of the hiring department. It may take several weeks or months before a selection is made and a position is filled. Also, please be advised that position openings frequently change due to business needs and we cannot guarantee that a position is available, will remain open, or will be filled at all. To check the status of your application, visit your candidate profile here. Click on [View Profile] then, [View Profile] again, then [Jobs Applied].

What does the status “Hired” mean?

Your medical and background check have cleared and you are now waiting for NS to contact you with the start date. The HR Helpdesk will not know your start date. Your start date will depend on a number of factors, including business conditions and the needs of the hiring location. Please be patient while waiting for the recruiting team to contact you.

When is my start date for training?

Scheduling can take a number of weeks to months. We will contact you by phone or US mail if we need any additional information. You will receive at least a two-week notice prior to your scheduled training start date. The HR Helpdesk will not know the status or the start date. We appreciate your patience.

Why was my application declined?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide specific information regarding hiring decisions. We must stress that we have a very competitive selection process and evaluate many strong candidates. We appreciate your interest and wish you the best in your future endeavors. 

Can I send my resume to someone in HR via email or mail?

No, we only accept resumes through the online applications. To be considered for employment, please apply through our website—all of our available positions will be listed there.

Can I apply for the same job more than once?

If your first application was declined and the job has been reposted again with the same requisition number you will not be able to apply again to this posting. However, if the same job is reposted but has a different requisition number then you will be able to reapply.

I started an application but don’t have time to finish it right now.

Once you have started your application and/or questionnaire, you can always save your work and return at any time to complete the form and submit it. When you’re ready to return to your application, just click the “Edit Application” link listed at the top of every page on jobs.nscorp.com. The resulting screen will allow you to log in and complete your application.

How many open positions can I apply for at a time?

You can apply for as many positions as you like, but we can only consider you for one position at a time. Our suggestion is to apply for the position that interests you most.

What’s the minimum age requirement to work at Norfolk Southern?

The minimum age is 18.

How should I dress for my interview?

Come dressed appropriately for the position you’re interested in. Professional dress always makes a great first impression.

Does Norfolk Southern offer internships? How do I apply?

Yes!  Norfolk Southern offers internships tailored to specific positions and career paths. Find out more about our internship programs here. You can apply for available internships there, too.

If you need technical assistance with the pre-recorded or live video interviews, utilize the below information below for technical support.

HireVue Support Team




Email: Support@HireVue.com


I’ve completed my interview, but haven’t heard anything yet.  What should I do next?

Please be patient. We put great care and diligence into determining each individual’s fit for the position and our company, and there may be a number of candidate interviews to complete before we make a selection decision. Also, please be advised that position openings frequently change due to business needs and even after interviews are completed, we cannot guarantee that a position will be filled at all.  You will be contacted via phone or e-mail to inform you of the outcome of your interview.

How can I be contacted when positions become available?

You can create a ‘job agent’ when you join the Norfolk Southern Talent Community.  In your NS Talent Community profile the job agents or keywords you have setup will notify you via email when those keywords are mentioned in a new job posting. Our jobs are posted on Jobs.nscorp.com as they become available.